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Genie Boom Articulating
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26 Jul 2019
United States
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Specification of

Genie Boom Articulating

Unit Name: BOOM LIFT
Type Unit: Z30N, Z34 N / DC / IC, Z45 DC / RT, Z62 RT, Z 80 RT, Z 135 RT
Reachability: 11.14 to 43.15 m
Load Capacity: 227 Kg
Unit Weight: 6 Ton to 20 Ton
Status: Ready (Z45 DC / RT), Indent

Information :
We sell Boom Lift Articulating which can reach maximum height up to 43 m and hauling power up to 227 Kg. This tool has a very helpful range in areas that are difficult to reach such as a blocking canopy, over a modified ceiling. This tool is very liked in Indonesia because of its range of power that can reach difficult areas.

It's AMERICAN ANSI certified so it's very safe, convenient and highly recommended for use in altitude devices.

Get the best deal from us with competitive price, full warranty 1 unit unit, Free Ongkir JABODETABEK, Free 1 set of Safety tools, Free Maintenance 1 th (service), and many more advantages when buying our unit. We serve sales to all over Indonesia without exception from Sabang to Merauke.


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