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Boom Lift Genie Run About
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26 Jul 2019
United States
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Boom Lift Genie Run About

Genie Runabout is one of many Genie brand types created by Genie Corp
Type of Genie Lift this one Carries Convenience in work, Efficiency of work location and Effectiveness time in work.

This one tool is very useful and widely used in the warehouse area Which is usually not too big for its GanWay but high power range.

This tool is divided into several types, among others:
 GR-12 with working range 5.28 Meters, 227 Kg of carrying capacity
 GR-15 with work coverage of 6.35 Meters, 227 Kg of carrying capacity
 GR-20 with working range of 7.85 Meters, carrying capacity 159 kg

Very practical in use because it does not need to dismantle the trigger first to move from point A to point B, quite mengdailkan from above.
It is recommended for you who work at altitude and in warehousing area, because our equipment is guaranteed Safety and easy to use.
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